Air Spading Treatment for Trees with Problems

Crown – Air Spading
On Monday and Tuesday, February 6-7, 2012, Moore Tree Care will have a crew operating in our common area to provide air spading treatment for nine mature trees with certain problems identified by our consulting Arborist.

Symptoms of the problems are trees planted too deep, resulting in below ground roots choking the tree; deformation or decay; and retarded growth. The treatment, air spading, is illustrated in the PowerPoint file provided by Moore Tree Care (click on Crown-Air Spading above).

If any homeowner thinks that a tree on his/her own property requires this treatment, you can contact Scott Dahlberg of Moore at 214-352-6088 or talk with him during the first part of the morning on February 6 when he will be on-site with the crew in the common area.

Yard & Grounds Committee, Crown Homeowners Association

Christmas Party 2011 Thank you to Tom and Lucy Welch

We at the Crown were all invited to the Christmas celebration at Tom and Lucy Welch in December 2011. What a wonderful afternoon we had, we met many of our neighbors whom we had never met before, we had lots of good food and drink and enjoyed all the festive decorations and hospitality of Tom and Lucy. We could have stayed much longer, but decided it was time to leave.
We certainly had a good time and perhaps next time at the neightborhood get to gether,there will be many more of our neighbors we will get to meet.
Thank you once again Tom and Lucy for a wonderful afternoon celebrating the Christmas season. John and Elaine Mueller #60

We now have a data base of Common Area trees

Data Base of Common Area Trees
After adding a consecutive numbered tag to each tree in the Common Areas, exclusive of Crape Myrtles, we created a tree data base that will be useful in providing specific tree care instructions to contractors. Greg David, Consulting Arborist, added his comments about each tree. My apologies to homeowners for not notifying you in advance of his visit. It was moved up on short notice by two weeks from the original plan, not allowing time for notification. However, you may want to compare Arborist comments about specific common area trees to your own similar trees. If I can help by looking at your trees, I’ll be glad to give you my comments based on what I have learned from the Arborist – Bud Whitney